Child Dispute


Children are everything to their parents and it is their responsibility and duty that they choose the best future and life for them. But children also have to cooperate with their parents for a bright future. But nowadays the distance between child and parent is growing as parents have less time for children and this leads to a feeling of being ignored in the child.

As a result, a lot of children don’t listen to their parents and even think of their parents as adversaries, getting out of control of the parents, which results in poor performance in school and bad grades etc. This type of mindset is not healthy and it is the responsibility of parents to control it if they want a bright future for their children and they should avoid aggressive behaviour to control their children.

Astrologically speaking, the fifth house in horoscope governs the chances of raising a family and Jupiter is the lord of this house and examining this house can reveal the chances and the best times for conception and remedial measures.