Enemy Problems


Rajeev Kumar ji helps you to destroy your enemy by using astrology science . Rajeev Kumar Ji is also specialist in several kind of Astrology techniques. Rajeev Kumarji can solve your all kind of problem including enemy problem with the help of Astrology Science. Rajeev Kumar ji gives an effective solutions to get rid of enemy problem via astrology. Rajeev Kumar ji is a highly experienced astrologer, he has lot of knowledge of all pujas and methods to defeat your enemies.

But strong action must be taken against such enemies who want to hurt us. Astrology has been an effective solution in such cases for centuries and a large number of prayers, rituals can be found in our literature, used to get rid of enemies.

In Vedic astrology, a number of Pujas and Yajnas have been described to defeat enemies in their evil schemes such as Baglamukhi Pujan, Kalabhairav Pujan, Sudarshan mantra, the Dasamahavidya Pujan, Kali pujan, which can instantly conquer your enemies. But these should be used under the guidance of highly experienced astrologist such as Rajeev Kumar ji who has a mastery of all Pujas and methods to defeat your enemies so that nobody can harm you.